Aging is a part of life that nobody can avoid. Whether it’s yourself or a family member, it is important to remember there are resources available to help target almost any obstacle or question. An aging person should be treated with dignity and respect. Below is a useful resource guide targeted to help anyone with questions.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center– Information and different ways to rate cognitive and functional performance related to Alzheimer Disease.

Memory and Aging Center A list of dementia resources available including websites, books, articles, and videos.

Alzheimer’s Association Learn about Alzheimer’s Disease and recent news on it.

National Insititute of Aging Information on Alzheimer’s Disease including symptoms, general information, coping, and treatment of the disease.

Alzheimer’s , Dementia, and Driving Information, resources, and support on Alzheimer’s Disease.

Assistive Technology and Aging

Sage Advice Information and help with assistive technology.

Intellectual Disabilities, Aging &Dementia – Information and help for people with disabilities, including research and training.

Caregiver Resources

The Family Caregiver Handbook – Information and help to find caregiver support and resources based out of Massachusetts.

Disability and Aging

Disability Programs – Information for people who are on disability through social security.

Disability Research Institute – A page of various resources of online information for elderly people with disabilities.

Elder Law

Older People Work Longer for Less– A resource available that helps older people claim their rights and challenge discrimination.

International Federation on Ageing – Information on an international non-governmental organization who believes in positive change for older people throughout the world.

Exercise and Fitness

The Age Antidote Information on the effects exercise has on the brain.

Physical Exercise Protects Your Brain as it Ages- Statistics – Information on how physical exercise helps an aging brain.

Mental Health and Aging

Center for Mental Health and Aging– A center for education, testing, and disseminating information on the aging and mental health.

Mental Health & Aging Project– A program offering education, training, and consults for clinicians.

Transportation and Mobility

Safe Mobility for Older Persons– Information on effects elderly driving has on society and the negative consequences for older people.

About the Center for Excellence in Rural Safety– Information on the travel needs and basic mobility for the elderly person.

Workforce & Aging

Aging & Work– Information on the aging in the workforce.