Bathroom Injury Prevention

Bathroom Injury Prevention

Hi Keith, regarding your article on modifying your bathroom to avoid slip and fall injuries; I purchased the Wingits and installed them for my parents grab bars, thanks. My mother is coming home from rehab because she recently had knee surgery and am curious what other precautions I can take to ensure she is safe. Plus these preventative measures may be helpful for my 2 year old.

Carissa S.,  Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Hi Carissa, I am glad you like the grab bar accessory recommendation. Security of the grab bar is key to safety. Also, January is bathroom safety month, so you picked the perfect time for our readers. Below are a few more tips to help your mother on her way to recovery.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the leading causes of accidents in people over the age of 65 is falls. The bathroom is the number one room in which most people slip and fall. All persons, especially the elderly, need to be aware of bathroom activities associated to injuries. So, I appreciate you looking over your mother so closely. Unfortunately, in my line of work we see so many seniors who do not have the care and attention they need to ensure their safety.

Education: It’s been noted that almost 70% of older adults use towel racks and sliding glass shower doors for support. Be sure to replace a glass shower enclosure with non-shattering material. It has also been recommended to change to a curved shower curtain rod with weighted curtains and grab bars, so there is no attempt to grab the doors.

Transfer bench: If your mother has a bath tub, consider purchasing a transfer bench. The bench can be used to easily sit down and slide over the lip of the tub and help avoid slipping.

Toilet: Your mother can be better stabilized with using a raised toilet seat or special seat with armrests. American Disability Act, or ADA approved adjustable toilet arms. The best option would be to install them with drop down grab bars on either side of the toilet for stability.

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