Seniors Attitudes Towards Technology

Seniors’ Attitudes Towards Technology

The senior population in the United States have witnessed wave after wave of new technological advances come to fruition. With such exposure to each step of this high-tech revolution, the 65+ is a key demographic within the technological marketplace. GreatCall has recently conducted an in-depth survey in regards to their views on technology, how it relates to their lifestyle choices, what influences their purchasing decisions and much more. All of the incredible findings from this survey can be found in this eye-catching infographic titled, “Seniors Attitudes Towards Technology”. For instance, the top influencing factors when purchasing a cell phone are quality of the product followed by affordability. The modern capabilities of the phone such as text messaging, internet access and maps are dramatically less important to seniors. Explore the rest of the insightful findings from this survey below to gain a better understanding on how to market products to this key demographic.

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