How to Help Prevent Trips and Falls in the Home

How to Help Prevent Trips and Falls in the Home

Trips and falls are the most common type of accident in the home, especially for the elderly. This video shows you the simple changes that can make mom or dads home safer and give you peace of mind.

Some simple changes that you can make to make a huge difference.

1) make a clear path for your loved one to be able to walk either with a cane or walker – move furniture around to make it clear

2) pick up anything that your loved one can trip over

3) make sure there are no electrical cords running over

4) have a non-slip pad underneath any rugs that have the potential to move or slide when walking over them

5) put nightlights in areas of the home that are not well lit – hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms

6) stairs need to be lit properly and make sure your loved one holds the railing as they go up and down the stairs

7) have slippers that have a rubberized sole and then the backs need to be closed (not open backed)

8) have a grab bar in the bathroom – noticeably around the shower both in and out of the shower

9) ask your doctor about simple exercises that your loved one can do to increase their strength and mobility