How Do I Properly Give an Insulin Shot?

How Do I Properly Give an Insulin Shot?

Watch this short video on how to properly give an insulin shot.

Insulin can help improve your quality of life and prevent complications if you have diabetes, but to work properly it must be injected correctly. Insulin is made to be injected into the fat tissue that lies underneath the skin using a needle that is long enough to penetrate the skin but short enough that it doesn’t go through the fat and enter the muscles underneath it.

General instructions on how to properly give an insulin shot include:

1) get instructions from your physician on the type of insulin to use, how often to inject it and how to properly handle the insulin injection

2) prepare the insulin by having it at room temperature and gather all the materials you will need

3) wash your hands thoroughly before beginning

4) prepare the syringe

5) collect the correct amount of insulin from the bottle

6) clean the injection site with an alcohol rub and allow it to dry thoroughly

7) inject the insulin

8) dispose of the needle properly



As always, please consult with your physician or pharmacist about the full procedures and follow them as directed.