Chiropractic Care for Seniors

Chiropractic Care for Seniors

Seniors experiencing problems related to misalignment of the spine may benefit from chiropractic care. While there are many myths regarding the safety of chiropractic care, in reality this type of medical treatment is very effective and quite safe, particularly in comparison to alternative treatments such as surgery and drug therapy. There are a wide number of benefits and advantages available to seniors through chiropractic care, such as: pain relief, increased range of motion, increased balance and coordination, decreased joint degeneration, increased health and well being, decreased incidence of falling, and keeping seniors out of nursing homes.

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective and safest forms of health care to treat pain due to spinal related conditions. Chiropractic is effective because most causes of spinal disorders are related to abnormalities of the spine and the surrounding soft tissue structures. Doctors of Chiropractic are specifically trained to identify and treat subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae) and their subsequent effect on the central nervous system. Anti inflammatory medication and pain relievers merely mask the symptoms and have many undesirable side effects.

Another important advantage for seniors receiving chiropractic care is an increased range of motion in both the spine and limbs. This, of course, can provide numerous dramatic benefits to the individual’s life. These benefits can include enjoyment of hobbies that were once prevented as well as increased involvement with family activities without pain and discomfort associated with spinal misalignment.

Many seniors also notice increased balance and coordination following chiropractic treatment. There seems to be a direct link between problems associated with coordination and balance and degenerative changes to the spine over time. Structures known as mechanoreceptors are located in the posterior (back) joints of the cervical spine and are responsible for providing the brain with essential information important for balance and coordination. As a person ages, these mechanoreceptors may become mildly impaired and are no longer able to function as well as they should. This results in decreased coordination and balance which can cause problems getting up without help or even walking evenly. However, when a senior receives regular chiropractic care, treatment can repair problems with mechanoreceptors that cause coordination and balance problems.

Chiropractic care can also increase mobility of joints as well as prevent degeneration of joints. In many ways a spine that is misaligned is much like the wheels on your car when they are out of alignment. Comparatively, just as tires that are out of alignment will wear out sooner than they should, so will your joints if they are out of alignment. Most of us recognize the need to bring our vehicles in for regular maintenance. It is also necessary to do the same for our bodies. Regular chiropractic care decreases spinal degeneration and other arthritic changes by normalizing the spinal alignment and can prevent the parts of our bodies that move from wearing out over time.

Many individuals also notice increased health and general well being through regular chiropractic care. These benefits include an increased feeling of energy and reduced pain from problems associated with aging, the ability to sleep through the night and to participate in enjoyable hobbies. Feeling good, staying healthy and doing the things that make us happy are what keeps us looking forward to each new day. Regular chiropractic care increases the quality of life, health and well being.

For many seniors one of the most common problems related to aging is injuries that are associated with falling. Studies indicate that more than one third of seniors 65 and older fall each year, and that injuries related to falling can account for a large majority of the bone fractures in the elderly population. With regular chiropractic care, the risk of falls can be reduced. Such care can also provide increased balance, coordination, flexibility, mobility and strength; all of which can further reduce the possibility of bone fractures associated with falling as one grows older.

Furthermore, it has also been noted that regular chiropractic care could also prevent the need for many seniors to move into assisted living facilities or nursing homes. This is because seniors who take advantage of regular chiropractic care frequently have fewer problems associated with arthritis and are typically better able to care for themselves in their own homes than those who do not seek regular chiropractic care.

Regular chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment for painful problems associated with misalignment of the spine. In addition, chiropractic care provides numerous benefits to aging seniors to provide them with increased balance and coordination, flexibility and mobility. These benefits can improve the quality of life as well as help seniors to enjoy independent living. Chiropractic provides amazing benefits and has an outstanding record of safety and effectiveness.

Editorial provided by the Ohio State Chiropractic Association (OSCA).